How to extend your iPhone battery life


If there is one thing that irritates mobile phone users more than anything else, it is losing battery power while on the phone. This has occurred to almost everyone, and it has taken you off guard at least once. When you're using a phone as powerful as the iPhone, it's simple to see why the battery power starts to deplete. When you are listening to your favorite music, reading your email, and texting several pals at the same time, you are using a lot of the mobile phone's power. As a result, you will begin to deplete the battery life of your mobile phone faster than you anticipated.

Even though Apple explicitly explains the battery life requirements on their website, they only provide the information if you are only using one program at a time. If iPhone users are famous for anything, it is their ability to multitask. However, multitasking reduces battery life.

However, there are a few things you can do to extend the life of your iPhone's battery. Of course, the iPhone isn't renowned for quickly depleting its battery, so there's always potential for improved battery life. If you follow these recommendations, you will have an iPhone that will last you longer than you could ever think. The simplest advice that everyone with an iPhone can follow is to simply switch off Bluetooth when not in use. Few people realize that leaving your Bluetooth on when you are not using it drains your battery.

This is because the Bluetooth portion of your iPhone controls a certain amount of power, and the power is depleting since the phone is continuously looking for additional Bluetooth devices. If you do not wish to connect with a Bluetooth device, make sure that it is switched off.

Another tip for extending the battery life of your iPhone is to always lock it after you are through using it. When you're done chatting on the phone with your closest buddy, reading your e-mail, or sending a text message, be sure to press the lock button. Many people wait for the screen to go down on its own after using it; although this may seem to be a good idea, it wastes battery life. Also, make sure you have your auto-lock enabled since this is a fantastic method to guarantee that your phone will lock itself if you forget. Many iPhone users have their auto lock set to five minutes after usage.

However, if you increase this five-minute power consumption by 10 times each day, your battery will not last as long as you believe. This is why it is usually recommended that you set your phone's auto lock to one minute (1) after you have finished using it. This ensures that the iPhone screen does not remain illuminated while not in use. If you want a simple approach to conserve battery life, here is the method to use.

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