How To Change Your Nickname On Discord

On Discord, you may join a variety of servers, some of which may or may not have much in common. Some of them may not even be connected to gaming. Discord is increasingly being used as a video conferencing software to hold meetings and conversations on subjects ranging from lifestyle to political debate.

With such a wide variety of subjects, it's possible that you'll wish to separate your social identities. Changing your Discord username may help you show yourself to various groups of people in non-identical ways. Learn how to alter your Discord username and keep your many Discord identities distinct.
Is it possible to change your Discord name?

Discord, like any other software, enables you to alter your name in a variety of ways.

On a single server, you may change your Nickname. You may use this option to keep distinct profiles on various servers. You may have a fun nickname on a server with your close friends, a more serious moniker on a server with work-related conversations, and a recognized name on a gaming server in this manner.

On Discord, you may also alter your username. All servers' names will be changed as a result of this. Because the change will effect all of the servers you're a member of at the same time, this move will have a greater influence on your Discord identity. Now that you've learned the difference, it's time to learn how to alter your Discord Nickname and Username.
On a Discord Server, How to Change Your Nickname

If all you want to do is alter the way your name displays on a single server, this is the technique to use. Follow the steps below to change your nickname on a Discord server.

Log into your Discord account via your browser, on your computer, or on your smartphone.
Choose the server you wish to modify your moniker on.
Open the drop-down menu on the server's left-hand sidebar. It shows as a drop-down arrow on desktop and three vertical dots or an ellipsis on mobile.
Change Nickname is the option.
Select Save after typing in the new nickname.

Your account will now be visible on this server with a new moniker. Your old moniker will still show up on other servers you've already joined. If you wish to change your moniker on another server, you'll have to go through the whole procedure again.

The public chat is a faster method to alter your nickname on a particular server. You may change your name on the server by using the /nick command followed by your new nickname into the server's chat. Keep in mind that this will be visible to everyone on the server.
How Do You Change Your Nickname?

You may always change your nickname back to the original after changing it on a server. To do so, go to the drop-down menu and pick the server. Then choose Change Nickname > Reset Nickname from the drop-down menu. To confirm, click Save. Your moniker has been restored to its previous state.

The steps for changing your Discord nickname are the same for all platforms, whether you're using a computer or a smartphone.
How to Change Your Discord Username

If you're looking to do more than simply change the way your name displays on one server, Discord offers a different technique you may utilize. You can change your username on all Discord servers at once, rather than updating your moniker on each one individually. Follow the instructions below to change your username on all Discord servers.

Log into your Discord account via your browser, on your computer, or on your smartphone.
At the bottom of the app, next to your login, choose User Settings. It's the symbol in the bottom-right corner of the screen on mobile.
My Account > Username > Edit is the route to take.
Enter your new Username and Current Password in the Change Your Username box. To confirm, choose Done.

On all Discord servers, your account will now have a new username. You have the option of changing your nickname and username as many times as you like.
How to Make Your Discord Experience More Personal Further

Because of the app's customisation capabilities, many users prefer Discord over other telecommuting options. You may build and configure your own Discord server in addition to customizing how you look on other servers. You may add a bot to your server to play music, or a special bot to help you make memes and have fun with your server buddies.

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